ISFC-Loans to Educational Institutions



Welcome to Indian School Finance Company (ISFC)

ISFC is India's first and only Non Banking Finance Company funding education segment exclusively by providing loans to Private Schools, loans to Affordable Schools, loans to Vocational Colleges & Institutes, loans to coaching centers, Loans to Teachers and education Eco space. Our customised loans help eduprenuers and institutions to build their infrastructure which helps them grow in size and enable them to impart quality education to students.

  1. Who We Are
  2. Loans to Schools n Colleges
  3. Loans to Vocational Colleges
  4. Bus Loans
  5. Loans to Edu SMEs
  6. Loans to Coaching Institutues
  7. Teachers Loans
  8. Services
  • India’s only NBFC funding Education segment exclusively.
  • Operating since last 7 years
  • Present in 12 states, 59 locations covering approx. 100 districts.
  • Team of experienced professionals
  • Extends project based funding
  • One stop financial solutions to education segment.
  • Provides Secured and Unsecured loans for various infrastructure requirements of Private Schools & Colleges such as:
    • Purchase of Land & Building for School/Colleges
    • Construction and Renovation of School/College Buildings.
    • Furniture and Equipment purchases e.g. Benches, Projectors, Computers etc.
    • Loans for School Bus and other vehicles.
    • Refinance of Existing loans for cash flow management
  • Customised loan tenor upto 7 years as per School/College's requirement
  • Loans to vocational institutes and polytechnics
  • Loans to ITIs
  • Loans to BEd Colleges
  • Professional Coaching centers
  • Secured loans upto 5 years
  • Loans to Educational institutues to purchase used buses
  • Loans upto Rs 25 lacs
  • Tenor up to 4 years
  • Attractive interest rates
  • We also extends loans to Goods suppliers and service providers to schools such as
    • Books publishers and traders
    • Uniform providers
    • Hardware, software and digital content providers
    • Furniture and equipment providers
    • Other service providers
  • Secured loans upto 48 months
  • Speedy disbursals
  • Secured and Unsecured loans to Coaching and Tuition Centres for various infrastructure requirements such as:
    • Construction and Renovation of Building.
    • Furniture and Equipment purchases e.g. Benches, Projectors, Computers etc.
    • Security Deposit for Lease Rent.
  • Customised loans upto 5 years
  • We are glad to introduce a new product of funding small ticket size loans to Teachers for their various financial needs such as further education, medical emergency, wedding in the family, purchase of furniture or consumer durables, home renovations etc.
  • Debt syndication for bigger loan requirement, wherein part of the loan requirement will be funded by us and rest will be syndicated on best effort basis
  • Facility to help edupreneurs to acquire schools, enabling schools to have resourceful professional management to cater quality education to students.
  • Suggestions to improve the school’s financial management.
  • Introduction to various goods and service providers